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i'm gonna tear mine down soon, before the willow race, just to make sure there's no hidden surprises inside. like i've been saying, this engine has at least 10,000 miles on it, and still working perfectly.

BUT, with that many hard miles, something's bound to go wrong eventually, and i don't want a DNF at the race. IF, something happens to it, it ain't gonna be OPti2's fault.

i actually had the head off the other day, and it's still clean and shiny, piston isn't all caked with carbon, neither is the head, plug looks awesome, and you can feel the slickness on the piston walls.

i'll be sure to post pics.

and in case you're living under a rock (or behind a cloud of 2 stroke smoke) and haven't seen it yet, here's my race bike in action, passing 99% of all the chinas, and trying to catch the morinis, the one electric, and the amazingly smooth guy on his china, who all started in the front of the pack, while i had to battle through the traffic jams...

YouTube - ‪Bairdco's Death Race Main Part One 04-16-2011 (#33)‬‏
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