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Default Re: Need advice tuning PHBG carby

Originally Posted by RLorange View Post
I am guessing that a 0.55 will be right for my 19mm PHBG. Doesn't necessarily mean that your smaller one will though.
I dont think a .55 is going to be large enough with the 19mm carb. The stock HT carb is about 13mm and the stock jet for that is larger. Your flowing more air so you need more gas. If you get the bike up to speed and start it with a
.80 or .85 jet ill bet the bike would run WOT, then you need to work on the slide and needle....When you do get it running you can check the jetting by going at WOT for a bit then pulling in the clutch and shutting the engine off still at WOT and coasting to a stop, letting the engine cool and looking at the condition of the plug (called plug chop), it will tell you exactly how rich or lean you are.
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