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Originally Posted by thatsdax View Post
Paul at Opti 1-800-332-5851 . Since it is a 1-800 number there is not excuse to continue any arguments on doing this 100:1 mix endeavor. Just call the 800 number. I asked Paul at Opti and he said he would welcome any calls about this thread as I informed him of what the discussion is all about. . He said it was fine to call him. I have no more help to offer.
I talked to Paul after you did and he is a busy guy. I filled Paul in on the
motorized bike scene and you. lol
Brad is out sick this week from Opti and they are short staffed and don't
need to be bothered by us motor bike users. LOL

I have been briefed on Opti-2 and can handle most questions. You
may not like the answers but Paul would agree with me.

You keep saying that you will not be posting anymore, no more "help"
is needed from you.
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