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Originally Posted by sketchman View Post
Nobody is offering independent scientific proof of anything Interlube is claiming. So it's try it and see if you like it. That's all I'm saying. I hope it's everything everybody is saying it is. Till I know for sure, I'll doubt it because it seems a tall order.
I totally respect your skeptical viewpoint! lol

See my signature LOL
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." Marcello Truzzi
I first read about Opti-2 here and what experienced and knowledgeable
forum members like Retmachinist, 2door, bairdco, etc had said about how
Opti oil performed for them.

Baird comes on all the local OC rides and I have ridden 2 of his bikes.
They have lots of hard and fast miles on them and still run clean and strong.
We GPSed Baird's fastest Opti bike at 54 mph.

I solicited Interlube to be a sponsor for the Willow Springs race because
I really can get behind their oil. It took several phone calls and emails to
get them to agree to do it. Motorized bikes are a very small market
compared to where they mainly sell.

Interlube doesn't do a very good job of marketing Opti and there is lot's
of proof of how well it works but the best way is to try it for yourself.

I am a 4 stroke guy that is using Opti-4 in my bikes, it was going to be
my secret at the Willow Springs race. LOL I already bought a 20 oz bottle
before I talked to Interlube.

The next 2 stroke I build is getting Opti-2.....

I just mailed flybytaco 2 packets of Opti-2 and he is going to report his
experience here.
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