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Default Re: have REAL power loss now!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know some behavior of my carb. My speedo is locked in KMph so I'm stuck with that.. sorry. When I go at about 1/2 throttle a go 1 km faster than I can wide open.

I messed with the cable control above the carburetor and got an extra 1 km of speed (in mid range). I lowered it. Thinking of lowering it some more and see what happens.

And last, I have something that confuses me. When I take my bike for a ride and forget to turn to turn the gas back on, when it's about to run out of gas it runs like a bat out of **** for about a 1/2 minute! Anyone know why this is? Seems like if we knew what was going on there we could get my carb to run right? Does that make sense to anyone? Does it run like he** because of more air or more fuel?

Just some thoughts guys and gals, what do you think?
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