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Originally Posted by sketchman View Post
Nobody is offering independent scientific proof of anything Interlube is claiming. So it's try it and see if you like it. That's all I'm saying. I hope it's everything everybody is saying it is. Till I know for sure, I'll doubt it because it seems a tall order.

To put this in perspective:
You are mixing(about) 0.30ml of opti to 1oz of gas.

That's FAR less than what a schrader valve step cap will hold mixed into one ounce of gasoline. Those with a metric ruler can measure out a 3mm cube of clay for instance. Then drop it into 1oz of fluid and see just how little this is. It's nearly no oil. If the 100:1 oils really are doing anything this thin, it is pretty amazing, wouldn't you agree?
Yep it is amazing.......and it's a fact you will realize as well when you use it, I'm not at the 100:1 but very closeprobably more in the 90:1 area, i have a new engine I'm breaking in right now and it just keeps running better and better everytime I take it out, I just have my fingers crossed and am hoping it is a pretty well put together engine, if so I hope to get the kind of miles out of it that Bairdco get outa his, I do have one with 1200 miles now and it still runs like a freshly broken in engine, starts easy, no smoke....runs great for a very out of balance engine, it has mmore miles than all the rest and will shake you to death almost above 28 MPH with the 41T sprocket, but if your man enough it will hit 37-38mph on flat ground, but you will feel like you are strapped to the arm of a scroll saw if you know how that works..LOL!

I will never knock anyone for running any oil even if they say they run SAE 30w motor oil at 16:1 if it works for them and they are happy with it I say more power to them....only thing is I will never ride behind them......unless I want the skeeters kept off me..........LOL!

These things will likely run with a good dose of cooking oil in the gas if the truth is known, ma ynot last as long but would probably run on it until it got so gummed up it couldnt run anymore...these are some pretty low tech gizmo's we're playing with here but aint they just so much fun........!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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