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Originally Posted by sketchman View Post
No offense to anyone, but opinions and personal experience(without empirical data) is just not enough to sell me on anything. I'm a staunch skeptic till something is proved thoroughly. Lots of people run their choice brand of "magic in a bottle" and have for years and seriously believe that it is the reason their engine has lasted so long and run so well. I'm perfectly ready to believe it too, if it can be proved.

Interlube is claiming some weird stuff(compared to what we are used to). I don't think the skepticism is all that unwarranted, but I'm also ready to go with it and will start my new engine out on it at 100:1, beating on it the whole time. If it lasts it'll be worth it just for the oil savings. If not, I'll tear it down and see what's happened.
The actual experience I have with something is all the proof I need, reguardless what anyone one else thinks about it.....

If I hit my finger with a hammer and tell someone it hurt real bad, I don't need anyone to explain to me about how I might actually be misinterpreting what I thought had happened and maybe it wasn't the hammer that caused the pain after all but maybe it was actually what my hand was laying on when the hammer hit it that really caused the pain.

Any intellegent person would know that the hammer is what caused the damage, you can see that the hammer is steel and your hand is nothing more than soft fragile flesh that can't compete with the hammer when it comes to blows.........

Ah it's no different with many people over many years running the Opti 2 and giving testimony of their personal experience.......the proof is in the long term results that each person has experienced over a long period of time...........what is there to be skeptical about is my question......this aint no new product that has just hit the market for the population to try, it's been around for what? 35 gosh people this aint rocket science its a parafin based super oil ( SEMI ) synthetic and it just works.

This is getting fun now even though I said I was out of just amazes me how some minds work........and whats funny is I'm looked at the same way.........weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Us peoples is so dang funny sometimes........

Peace all.......I'm just having fun now no offense intended to anyone and after all this hooooooo-E

(I still love my Opti 2......and if you give it a try you will too..!)

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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