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Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Yeah, that's probably why they now mix at 70:1 with the packets. Too many calls from people with fried motors.
Originally Posted by thatsdax View Post
Going from 32:1 to 100:1 and not doing anything other on a high performance 2 strokeis a rookie mistake. But.. Do not take my word for it. I never said I would never use Opti. I said I would never go 100:1. Paul is the Opti Expert. Thanks
This is totally untrue, there have been absolutely no calls about fried motors

The reason for the packets being 1.8 oz is because the packets are also
sold in the Canadian and Australian market which use metric measures.

Mix instruction on the packet is with 5 litres or 1 gallon of gas.

5 litres gives 100 to 1 ratio
1 gallon gives 72 to 1 ratio which still gives all the benefits.

Paul at Interlube does not recommend mixing Opti-2 at a lower ratio than 72:1!!!!
I just talked to Paul for 50 minutes so there is no need for you guys to call. LOL
Paul says that a 32 to 1 ratio will dirty up your motor and reduce your performance.

Opti-2 oil has a pure base and does not use solvents like other oils so it is really like a
50 to 1 from other oil makers.

Opti-2 is a semi synthetic blend and ideally should be used from day one
on a new motor to get the full benefit.

Opti-2 also uses non alcohol based fuel stabilizer in the blend.

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