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Originally Posted by BiMoPed View Post
Interlube has been in business for 35 years and sold enough oil for
400 million gallons of gas!
The people who make STP engine treatment have been in business for a long time too and have sold lots and lots and lots of it. People swear by it. Claim it saved their engine. Claim it has worked for years in their engine and far surpasses the invention of sliced cheese in every way, etc, etc, etc,.

Thing is, I know of an engineer who did a chemical analysis on the stuff, and let's just say the results gave one whale of a testament to the durability of engines in general rather than to the "benefits" of using STP in them.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." And, no, a companies own website explaining why their product is great isn't proof, IMHO.

I look forward to seeing Mike's pics, and my own engine internals after a while.
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