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Originally Posted by thatsdax View Post
Again.. If your Jets are so rich, no re jetting may not be needed. If you are using a high performance 2 stroke, you will have to work your way towards this leaner mix ratio and it will require work. It is intrinsic. Since a High performance 2 stroke is typically Spot on Jetting. Again.. Intrinsic. This is true with any 2 stroke mix ratio that if you start to remove the oil, you will need to fatten the jet. It is a displacement function and again..Intrinsic. If you have any problems with Opti2 and going to 100:1 mix, the problem is not the oil but is jetting. You can call Paul at Opti for more Info. The posts in here by me are not intended to anger or insult anyone. I am learning a lot from all this. If you are able to switch to 100:1 mix and not change jetting, then you are a lucky. And you need to know this.. Call Paul at Opti. Also.. Paul can give you contact info on racers using Opti 2 and they too can explain to you all that are interested on what has to be done when going opti2 100:1. Here it is again.. Paul at Opti 1-800-332-5851 . Since it is a 1-800 number there is not excuse to continue any arguments on doing this 100:1 mix endeavor. Just call the 800 number. I have no more help to offer.
Please Do NOT call Paul with your questions about Opti- 2.

Please ask all your questions here in this thread and read the
Interlube website.

Paul at Interlube has generously sponsored the Willow Springs race
and just about all the 2 and 4 stroke racers will be getting some oil
from the case that they sent me.

Interlube has been in business for 35 years and sold enough oil for
400 million gallons of gas!
They mainly sell to the lawnmower and small engine equipment industry.
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