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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Be sure and check the lower con rod bearing and make sure it is not missing rollers, this is what happend to my first engine that did exactly what you just described yours did.....

Mine seized up on me, I was able to get it unseized and then I thought it might be ok, I put it on another bike an it started and seemed to run fine, I took of one day on a 8 or 9 mile trip and on the way back about 200 yards form my house itjust quit and wizzed down to nothing, I could tell it had lost all I knew it wasn't a good thing that just happened, I pulled the jug and I had a ring broke, deep score it piston, deep score in cylinder wall, large chunk busted out of transfer port and then after checking things closer I realized that I was missing one or 2 needle bearing on the crank because there was way too much space in between the ones that were left and I could see that they tried to turn at an angle on the crank instead of sitting straight on the crank journal.

This is when I got a used crank form someone and rebuilt that engine and it ran very good until that used crank petered out on me and ate into the case on the clutch side allowing the mag rotor to eat into the case on it's side and destroy the crank seal.

Check that lower end out very good or you may be rebuilding another grenade.......

best wishes to ya

thinking now i'm gonna swap the mag coil over to the grubee bottom end when i rebuild it. that way i'll have time to pull this one apart and carefully inspect everything in it.
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