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Here we are beating this dead horse again..........

I say people will believe what they want too and do everything under the sun to justify their opinions or "facts" that is fine with me, I know what I have done and it works great for me and all the others here that are running 80:1 and mainly 100:1 know that they've had good success as well and it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks about it..........

As to all that was said about switching from another oil at say 40:1 over to Opti 2 @ 80 or 100:1 I can tell you from personal experience that all....and I mean ALL........... of my engines ran Fuel/oil Rich on the Opti 2 higher fuel to oil ratio, and if I remember right yes the oil does lube things of coarse but it is actually the fuel that keeps the engine cool and not the oil, oil retains heat much longer than gasoline so the more oil in the engine I would think the more retained heat...... just enough oil to prevent metal to metal gaulding is all that is needed in any engine.

When I switched to Opti 2 I had to DECREASE my jet size to stop the increased amount of too rich condition 4 stroking my engine did, and my plug ran black until I reduced the jet size.

I have pulled the jug off my engines several times to do port work or just to change gaskets and the engine is always loaded up real nice with the Opti 2, very oily and slick throughout.

Personally I dont believe in that slowly working your way up to 80 or 100:1 because from my experience the engines start 4 stroking and running richer on the Opti 2 mix as the ratio is increased too 80:1 or 100:1.

Those of us who like it will always run it just like we like it and continue to have the same great success as we have always had..............If someone wants to run a lesser quality oil @ 32:1 or 40:1 that is fine and I'm sure they will have the same great success with theirs too (maybe)...., difference is with Opti 2 we dont smell like oil, we dont see oil behind us and our engines stay cleaner, it's all about preference in my opinion, conventional oil has a long proven track record and over quite a few years now so does the synthetics and synthetic blends.

It's kinda fuuny reading all this on this thread.....I also have NITRO RC trucks and a buggy and if you go to you will see this same kinda debate over full synthetic oil or synthetic blend or some will not run anything accept straight good ole degummed castor oil, castor is superior in high heat lean conditions but synthetic runs cleaner and is way less ( which oil and how much is best debate will never end )

I say if it works for you then do it, but dont get all humped up and start slinging mud at people who do things different than you do especially when it is proven that they have just as good of success or better than you do with your way of doing things, neither person is wrong for doing what they do if they are both getting the same results in the end. RIGHT.....!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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