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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

wow, it really sucks then how wrong i've been for over 2 years now. i hope my 10,000 mile, 2.5 year old motor doesn't seize up from running 100:1 that first day so long ago.

and those 7 or 8 other bikes i've built that are still on the road, running perfect, with anywhere from 2 years to 2 months riding time, i guess they're just riding on borrowed time, too. i better make some calls and tell them i'm sorry...

and when i talked to Brad at opti before i even ran it, he musta been misinformed about his own product when he told me that it's designed to be run at 100:1 from day one, to it's last day. i guess his dealers don't trust him either, if they aren't running it at specs.

duane, you sure are doing a lot of research into something you say you'll never use. you should just stick to your guns, keep your uninformed, non-experienced opinions about opti-2 to yourself, and let the multitudes of people who actually use it, benefit from it, and are totally happy with it discuss it.

or, you could just break down (no pun intended) and try it. i'm sure you've got an extra 2 stroker you could mount up and do some empirical testing on. then you wouldn't have to rely on heresay, outdated thinking, rumors, fears, and unknowledgable opinions about it.

the best thing about motorized bikes, is you can always back-pedal...
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