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ok guys.... and gals.. If any.. Here is my last post on this subject. Since it seems I have offended some, here is the result of even more research into the subject of mix ratios, opti2 and any 2 stroke oil for the matter. There is a problem with going to Opti2 mix 100:1 and I found the problem. And it is a serious problem. Since I have never run such lean oil mixtures, I had not considered this as the problem. And here it is.. The problem going to Opti2 100:1 is the 100:1 ratio and not the Opti2. What I am saying is.. The problem is not the Opti 2 lube. The problem is going to 100:1. After talking with veteran users 20 years or more of selling and using Opti2, the problem is not the Opti2 oil but going to 100:1. All veterans using Opti2 are typically using 80:1 and not 100:1.. And How are they doing this? Well.. They worked their way to 80:1. The did not change from 32:1 then jumped straight to Opti2 100:1 or 80:1. The worked there way to it. If you are using 32:1 Belray Valvoline Golden Spec , or any others, and then you jump to Opti2 80 or 100:1, you will seize your motor. You will have a melt down. And.. Here is the reason. Your displacement of oil per fuel changed so much, you instantly went into a lean condition.. And.. Pow !! Seizure. What I found from calling Opti 2 and Paul at Opti2 gave me his users and Distributors their numbers and I called and asked how they do go to such lean mix ratios . And this is what they told me.. You work your way towards it doing plug chops all the way. You start at 40:1 and then 50:1 and so on doing plug chops all the way and re jetting all the way until you get to 80:1. This makes sense. I was also informed by Dave at Trail sports a seller of over 20 years and users in his race bikes that Chain Saws and weed eaters come so richly jetting from the factory because of warranty issues they jet them so super rich, that in these devices , they typically can go to 80:1 with no jet change at all. So.. I hope my research has helped 2 stroke lovers. Opti2 is indeed a superior oil product from what I can tell. But.. When it comes to Jumping into the 100:1 mix ratio club, it will require some knowledge, some work, and some Patience. For those of you who made the jump with no problems, consider yourself lucky that your engine was running super rich like the chain saws and weed eaters.. Lucky is right !! But for all the high performance 2 stroke engines out there.. Beware.. All this research has helped me. Enjoy the ride..

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