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Default Re: Hello from Huntington beach, CA

Originally Posted by Flying Dutchman View Post
Another question is what if there isn't a bike path available i.e. Beach Blvd or perhaps my case on El Toro Rd. Do we ride on the street still with out a bike lane or on the sidewalk?
NEVER ride with your motor on the side walk!
It is asking for a ticket and is much more dangerous than
riding in the street even though it may feel safer.
Even pedal bicycles are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk
although it may be tolerated in certain cities.

If a bicycle is legally allowed to ride down a road then a
motorized bicycle can too.
It is legal to ride down high speed streets like Beach Blvd
but the smart thing is to avoid them in your route if you
One of these days when I have more time I will write an article
on surviving on the streets riding a motorized bike.

As for cops if you have the big items covered like a visible DOT
helmet, license plate, mirror and lights at night you will probably
not get stopped. If you do having a valid M2 or M1 plus your plate
registration card is all you need.
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