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Default Bending and/or cutting exhaust

I have some muffler-to-frame interference issues (about 2") and need to bend the exhaust slightly. I can't hammer on the muffler to flatten it a bit because the interference is right at the end where the exhaust cap/tip goes on. I called most of my local muffler and industrial places and no one can bend a pipe that small. The smallest they can do is inch and a half and our pipes are a bit smaller than that no?

So my option is bend it myself somehow (sand and heat method?) without the use of a pipe bender and risk kinking it OR cut the muffler off then get a brass conduit pipe to extend the exhaust all the way to the back past the rear wheel axle like on full size motorcycles. I like the brass pipe idea because I'll have the oily exhaust exiting far behind and I also like the look but am worried about the noise. If the noise is just slightly louder than with the muffler then it won't be so bad.
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