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Oil technology has come a very long way. In the past when there wasn't really 2-stroke oil, and it was just 30w oil mixed with gas. You had to run 16:1 because it wasn't very efficient.
But that there's specially formulated oil designed to run 100:1, why not run it?!
If it's designed to work, no reason it won't. As long as your carb is tuned right.

On the topic of tuning your carb, running less oil puts more importance on having the bike tuned properly. When running 30:1 if the a/f ratio is too lean, there's enough excessive oil to keep from seizing up the engine.
But when running 100:1, if you're running too lean an a/f ratio the motor will not get sufficient lubrication and seize up.

IMO, people seizing engines running this oil are doing something else wrong. It's not the oil.

When I get my new motor I'm going to start with a non-synthetic oil to break in the rings. And I'll be running a little oil rich so I can get the carb tuned properly. Then I'll reduce the oil, and keep fine tuning the carb for the new oil mixture. Starting a new build at 100:1 is probably a bad idea, just because they need to be tuned a bit to work. If you're running lean out of the box, that's not good with 100:1!!

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