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Default Re: Keeping chain out of spokes???

Thanks for the info. I've already done the things you mentioned like the screw through the tensioner into the frame rail. I've also upgraded the engine mounting hardware with posi-lock nuts and liberal use of thread locker. In addition I've also used the same screw thru frame idea on the engine straps to minimize engine twisting.

As for the rear sprocket that's a great idea and I'll definitely be filing the teeth sides a little. As for the sprocket wobble no matter how I do the tightening it's virtually impossible to get it to mount without any runout (no doubt because of the rubber fibre discs which are definitely less than ideal solution). I tried using my dial gauge which was overkill so I gave up since the lowest runout I've been able to get is roughly somewhere between 1/16"-1/32" which is huge when you really think about it.
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