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This post is not meant to offend anyone. Not sure why anyone would be offended by such a post.. This is Only a warning post. It is to help 2 stroke owners. Those that are new to the 2 stroke world can benefit from my experience. I have been around 2 stroke race bikes all my life. Well.. over 40 years of it. And.. I have yet to see a failure from anyone using too much 2 stroke oil mix. Never. There is little or no history or information on Opti 2 anywhere to be found. I think that this thread is actually the most info posted on Opti 2 oil in the history of the net. I do not object to Opti II oil. From what I can tell, it is a good Canada Oil. What I object to is the 100:1 mix ratio, which is what this thread or Title of this thread is all about. Opti 2 says you can do it. No engine manufacture in the world That I know of recommends it. Period !! IT makes no sense to do so. If you have having a problem with spooge, then your fuel mixture is too rich, not that you are using too much oil. For High reving motors that howl till the cows come home, you should not run leaner than 32:1, consider 20:1 if you run for miles and miles wide open as I do. If you have a slow reving motor like the Happy time, you can get away with 40:1 or maybe even 50:1. Look.. It is not hard to google Mix ratios for 2 stroke race bikes and you too will see from other racers what oils they use and the mix ratios they use and why. As for Opti II, I will now refer those that seize their engines using opti II running 100:1 to them and then see what they do. Please provide a contact phone number for them so they can start getting the calls.I have starting getting calls from Customers needing engines and parts that were using Opti II 100:1 and have seized their motors. Calls that I have never had before. I am only giving a warning about such mix ratios being so lean with oil. As a rule, Richer with oil is better !! . Again.. Use at your own, and their own risk. All I am asking for is a contact phone number for them so they can honor their warranty. I am sure when any motor is sent to them for warranty, they will say, NFF or no fault found on their part. But they will get the call, and I will not warranty any motor found using any mix ratio less than 40:1. Enjoy the ride.. Google IT !! Mixing Ratios used by 2 stroke race bikes !! I am not saying opti II or I or what ever is good or bad oil, I am simply stating that the mix Ratio of 100:1 is not recommended by any engine manufacture that I know of. Period! There is no reason for such a low oil content mix ratio. No reason for it at all. Mix no leaner than 40:1. Never !!! There is no reason for it. Do not do it !! I am done with this thread.. And you guys should not be recommending such low oil mix ratios. There is no reason for it. It makes no sense to do it. If you Ignor the engine manufacture recommendations for mix ratios, you are on your own !! Know this.. You will get less power using less oil !! I am done with this thread...For those of you that want it easy.. Here is a decent link for info on 2 stroke mixing. .. You can find many others.. Look at the positive side of Mixing 100:1. The money you save on oil will allow you to buy the kleenex you will need when crying over your seized 2 stroke motor. After Talking with Paul at Opti oils, He has informed me that there is no warranty for the Opti2 oil. He said there are just too many varibles for 2 strokes. He also told me that Opti2 has been marketed for Chain saws and weed eaters , not for race bikes but said it should be no problem. He also told me that mixing 32:1 using Opti2 is not a problem and it might cause some excessive carbon build up after time. He also told me that Opti2 is a blend of both natural and sythentic oil. He also told me he knows of those that run Opti2 in their race bikes with no problems. Even so. After all this.. I still say.. Mix 40:1 or more. When in doubt salute !! He told me he has been selling Opti2 for over 30 years and it does sound like good stuff. If I ever use it, I would mix 32:1 to be safe.. So I can enjoy my ride..

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