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Default Re: questions about oil

Awake does have a good point you asked. If you are goung to run it at that ratio then I it won't hurt anything but a suggestion would be to get an oil that says it can be mixed at all ratios. ex my castor 927 reccomends ratios 20:1 to 60:1 if I remember correctly. That way is still does its job protecting but doesn't cause excessive heat like barelyawake was saying cause it is being mixed at the correct ratio that the oil was designed to run at. Does the bottle say up to 50:1 or recommend to run at 50:1 in engines or recomemded for engines that require 50:1. Just thought a would add in about getting an oil can be run at the desired ratio, but to answer your main question though is you should be fine running the lucas oil you have at the 25:1 you want.

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