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Originally Posted by sketchman View Post
I'd like to throw out the idea that a better machined/QC engine from a name like Yamaha or another big 'un could very well be(and always have been) built to tighter tolerances and so tolerate running with less protection. Good enough for me to try it though. Hopefully I don't toast another cylinder and piston.
Some would say that tighter tolerances would require more lubrication, but I believe that's splitting hairs as those tolerances become less "tight" in time but the ratio remains the same *shrug* It could also be argued that as outboards are water cooled using them (& Yamalube) as examples is inappropriate - I simply wanted to point out that 50/100:1 mixes aren't exotic by any stretch, that there are indeed major engine manufacturers that not only recommend, but insist on such.

To be clear though, I've not recommended running any ratio other than what the oil manufacturer recommends for their product with your application & to use a quality oil, what that oil & ratio may be is up to you - heck, I don't even run Opti lol, I use the Amsoil Saber flavor

TBH the only reasons I even bother with 100:1 is greatly reduced carbon deposits & the simply fact I hafta buy far less oil

Overall I'd hafta agree - from my observations on the forum, with direct experience with my engines as well as others - I can safely assert that the vast majority of engine failures are not oil ratio related, that the overwhelming majority stem from poor quality control, user inexperience or both.
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