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Default Re: questions about oil

This is an open forum in which comments are welcome from all provided they follow the forum's rules - regardless if you wish to debate them or not.

The fact is I wished to clear a common misconception for any that might be reading this thread as well as addressing the following questions;

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
For the break in I am running a 16:1 ratio. After break-in I plan to run 25:1. Is this ok? Will this oil and ratio help or hurt reliability?
Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
The bottle says 50:1, but the engine manuals usually say 25:1.
The difference between 25:1 and 32:1 is about an ounce of oil. I don't think an extra ounce of oil is going to kill my engine.
If you choose to believe your "someone" and/or the kit manual that's fine, but you did ask lol

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