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Cool Re: Hello from Huntington beach, CA

Welcome to the forum Mark you're in for alot of fun!

Now for a small rant....
What is the last code (12.64.030) supposed too mean?????? Sounds like a load of NBMC crock! Honestly.......

And what, is it illegal to pedal a motorized bike on a bike path with the engine off??????? Gimme a break, you're joking right? Let's get real here people, pedaling a bike on a bike path is just that ain't it????? It's not a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle is it now? Tree huggin road fags will kill this earth we live on, unfortunately!

This is just my feelings on the legality of MB's in this "great state" I was born into, nothing against any posters or fellow riders on this forum

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
the Newport cop (officer Darling) i talk to told me they thought you need insurance for our bikes. i cited the only mention of it in the dmv code, whichis just a disclaimer that a dealer needs to give to a customer, which basically says "your insurance company may not insure this bike..."

i ran into him a little while later and he told me he looked all over the website and found nothing stating we need insurance, so he told me we don't, and if anyone gets a ticket for it to fight it. he also said he'd inform other officers, but i doubt they'll fix the wording on their "cheat sheets." printing costs money.

here's a copy of it:

the vehicle code cited for insurance is the standard one based on cars and motorcycles, and makes no mention of motorized bicycles.
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