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Default Re: questions about oil

My manual said to run mine at 25:1 as well but 32:1 is what I ran before I went to opti2, I have another motor that I run at 40:1 with Maxima Castor927. I just love the smell so I have to have one that reminds me of my 2stroke quad racing days. The preference is up to you but I know I wouldn't run the Lucas at 50:1 thats for sure. At 32:1 still get the same protection but save a little on oil and it will not hurt anything. The extra ounce won't hurt anything either but will gunk up the exhaust faster and drip more. I am in Az I ran my Quad at 40:1 in the winter 50* to 70* and 32:1 for summer 90* to 110*. These motors run on 30w 15:1 used motor oil in china nothing compared to the quality of our oils even the cheap ones. Maybe some others will chime in but there is lots of contradicting theories and personal opinions on what oil to run and at what ratio. Go with what you want.
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