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Default Re: The Violator is born!

Had a slight problem with the engine today. Headed down the road and lost all power. Pushed the bike home in 80 degree heat. Not fun. Anyway, seems I fixed the problem. Pretty sure it was an air leak. Now the throttle is stuck, so have to deal with that in the morning. Hopefully no more problems with the bike after this. Also, finally got comfortable riding the bike. It scared me a little when I test rode it, due to the different riding posture and the fact that this engine is a tad more powerful than any other engine I have had so far. When I test rode it, I wasn't trying to see how comfortable I was driving the bike, I was just checking for problems and making sure it ran ok. Plus test rides are generally short, so I didn't really get a chance to get comfortable with the bike. Today, I pedaled down the street, dumped the clutch, fired up, made my first turn, and just a few seconds later I was completely comfortable with the bike.
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