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Default Re: Sorry, I'm new here...

Hi- I'm assuming you may have some mechanical skills, but maybe never worked as a mechanic or in a bike shop- if that's the case I'd start out simple and basic-

if you like the results, you can always sell that bike later and move up to something more complex.

the two-strokers allow you to mount the motor without changing cranks or doing much special- 4 strokes are more quiet but need widercranks and are more expensive-

I also would maybe go 4 stroke now after two builds, but I don't think i'll be doing anymore builds- complete ones at least- and I have a 4 stroke scooter- I think they are more of a challenge mechanically though

I personally like a cruiser with a derailler on the one side and hand brakes- the derailleur tensions the pedal chain so you can usually get away without the big heavy thing on the motor's chain then- if the motor sproket isn't too big-

this avoids mounting on a coaster hub- my Micargi 7 speed hub even had a stop- groove on the motor side, and the sprocket hole diameter fit the hub perfectly- I still had to use the rag joint to attach to the spokes. I think Schwinns have a tighter clearance on the motor side, and while the sprocket will fit over the multi-speed hub , they don't hug the hub- not sure about Huffy- a hub with the correct diameter and stop ridge is a big selling point for me.

But using dual handbrakes- a DUAL BRAKE HANDLE is absolutely necessary for safety- about an additional $15- search it on e-bay or vendors here.

the multi-speed derailleur helps in pedalling- especially in any failure a long way from home, or is just nice to choose a gear to get going or another to keep rolling at speed

I,malso an advocate of a little narrower tire, and even putting 700c or 27" on a cruiser frame- but these can be added later- I find the 2.125 tires too wide and especially heavy and they bog things down- knobbys and beach tread vibrate at higher speeds

a sprung seat post helps, and so do some perpendicular bars of some sort- I like alloy BMX bars- that rise a modest 7 or 8 inches,which helps my ancient aching back

good luck!

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