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Default Keeping chain out of spokes???

Being of the school that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, has anyone experienced the engine drive chain jumping off the rear sprocket and getting tangled in the spokes with disastrous (and painful!) results?

I'm assembling my kit and have all other safety issues pretty much ironed out but this scary scenario is keeping me awake at night. Let's face it, even with the chain properly tensioned we're still dealing with a rubber mounted rear sprocket and engine-to-frame clamps that could cause the engine to twist upsetting the sprocket alignment causing the chain to break or jump off. And if the chain decides to jump toward the sprockets, well......ouch!

Has anyone come up with solutions? I thought of making a fairly large (larger than the sprocket) diameter sheetmetal disc to go betweem the sprockets and the sprocket so if the chain jumps it doesn't rip the spokes out making you fall on your a$$. Any other ideas?
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