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I will not warranty any motor using any mix less than 40:1 no matter what oil is used. Period. I have had Customers use Opti II at 100:1 and their egnines have seized !! I have other Customers that have run Opti II for months with no problems. I do not understand it. I do not want to understand it. And those of you that do this must understand this. You do it at your own risk. I will not warranty any motor running less than 40:1. I do not understand why anyone wants to run 100:1.. It makes no sense to me at all !! But you guys do what you want. I do not know of any oil manufacturer that recommends doing this. Except for Opti II. You can contact Honda, Yamaha, KAwasaki, KTM, ATK, ROTAX, and ask them what they recommend.. None.. I mean none of them will tell you anything but 32:1 mix. Before you go less that this, you really need to contact the manufature and not the oil maker. This is a fun thread and it is funny to listen to what all is being said it makes me laugh and it is funny.. But.. For those that have new engines, check with the manufacture or seller of your engine before you ever decide to mix less than 40:1.. Enjoy the ride..
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