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Default Re: How long do your tires last?

On my first MaB, I ran the factory tires that came with the bike I used: Schwinn Typhoons. After ~800 miles, the rear tire was bald and the front showed very little wear. I ran them at 35psi and do not skid.

After that, I switched to Sunlite/Kenda Flame, because I liked how they looked. 4 years and over 4000 miles later, the rear is about 50% and the front shows very little wear. I'm still using these tires today. I run them at 40psi, never skid.

On my main bike I'm using Bontrager Hanks, a thin-sidewall semi-slick tire. I have almost 1500 miles on these tires. The rear is about 75% and the front shows very little wear. I run these tires at 65psi front, 75psi rear.
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