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Default Re: Cuban Teenager now in USA

Originally Posted by UncleKudzu View Post
you're catching on quick regulate, homogenize and package it.

welcome to the forum, and yes, get some pics of your riquimbili for us to see! i think the enthusiasm for riquimbilis is because of the ingenuity that goes into building them. here we just drive down to Xmart and buy a brand new Chinese bicycle and then order a pre-fab engine kit and bolt it on.
wow that is unbelievably easy compared to how hard it is to build one of ours. but i only put at the most 10 dollars into the ones i've built each (i used to build them and sell them for 15 but i looked around and bought a kit today for 90 at a moped shop around here its a 2 stroke china frame mount and i'm going to mount it. i told my abuelo today about how much i spent and he told me for that much i could build a fleet but if anyone wants me to build a genuine riquimbili for them, get me a chainsaw, a rusted out bike and a 2 liter bottle
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