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It's awesome that Opti has agreed to sponsor Willow Springs!
Opti 2 was first intoduced to me by the ultralight aircraft enthusiasts about 20 years ago. I have used it in all my small two stroke engines since then - chainsaws, weedeaters, even my old boat motor. I have not had a failure or a worn out engine in 20 YEARS! Other bonuses include NOT working in a cloud of 2stroke oil, Never fouling a plug and no oily blow out the exhausts.
My latest bike engine has been broken in using Opti 2 and it continues to be the fastest bike in my stable. I gave the engine very little quarter while breaking it in, prefering to ride it as hard as I dare.
My thoughts at the time I first heard about Opti2 were, " If its good enough to fly in a single cylinder aircraft engine, its the best I can get for my engines."
I'm suspicious of any other oil...
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