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Default Re: Dual brake lever + cable pull disc brakes?

The Avid BB-7 is a good, maybe the best disc brake available.

I'm not quite clear on the way you plan to operate them. Are you saying you're planning to have two different levers for the front brake? One just for the disc and the other lever, the dual pull to operate both front and rear? I don't see the advantage of that. Maybe I'm not understanding your words> "(front cable pull disc, rear V-brake with a dual pull level actuating them both").

If on the other hand you're asking if a dual pull lever will operate 'v' and disc, then the answer is yes as long as the dual pull lever has the capability to adjust the bias between the front and rear braking action. The disc will require far less pull than rim type friction brakes. It will take some experimentation and adjustments to get the brakes you want.

Keep in mind that the majority of braking action is done by the front wheel.
For safety and comfort I like my brakes to be seperately operated but that's just personal preference. There are many guys who use and like thair dual pull levers.
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