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Default Re: INSTALLED : Top Hat Adapter on Wheel


Yes, the Top Hat Adapter will move the rotor out approximately 1/8"....since there are lots of different frame / hub / caliper / rotor combinations, the end user will have to work with the final spacings of everything (sprocket to spoke distance and rotor to side frame distance)...

The method of varying the spacings can be done by choosing between the
two Top Hat Adapters (1/8" offset or 1/4" offset for the sprocket) and the series of sprocket chosen (standard disc hub adapter sprocket has about 1/8" to 3/16" offset or the race series has zero offset)....To further space the sprocket if needed one can reuse the steel 9 hole mounts and/or use washers of varying thicknesses.

Ultimately, enough space must be made between the disc rotor and the sprocket for the caliper to fit in between (Don't forget to add an allowance for chain clearance)...

The caliper mount and or frame mounts may need to be altered (filed or ground) to properly mount the caliper....

An alternative, as mentioned earlier, would be to purchase a larger rotor and caliper mount to raise the caliper above the sprocket/chain (this would be easy to do since most people go smaller on the sprocket rather than larger thus reducing the possibility of caliper interference....The only thing to be aware of here is the fact that as one gets larger with the rotor some frames with close wheel stays may have to be "modified" a bit for the rotor not to hit the frame....Can be as inelegant as a ball peen hammer to "dimple" for clearance....

Hope this helps you...

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