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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Just got back from a several mile ride and rooled the Odometer overto 130 miles and some change on this new engine I'm breaking in, it is super windy here right now and it will make the china gal work a bit but she keeps me motroing right along at 28-30mph when I'm bucking that high wind and then when I loose the wind or get it to my back I'm good for a very comfortably 32+mph.

This engine is working out so good right now with no mods done to it that it's a bit scary for me to think about messing with it much, I will be putting a shaved head on it to boost compression a bit, if this make it even better than it is now on the hills around here then that may be as far as I go with this one other than maybe a different carb. like the RT carb that Duane sells, I have one on order I plan to put on my other bike first to see how it proforms after I get it tuned up nice, this other bike has the SBP Xpan-chamber exhaust and I pulled the jug and did a real nice polish job on the tranfer ports and deburred the intake and exhaust, it has a slightly shaved head, I took about 2-3mils off of it just to get it nice and flat.

If the RT runs out real nice on this engine I'll get one on the new engine as well.

Like I said it's very windy here and in the upper 90's here today but I still had a nice ride, got 550 miles on this Karaoke Huffy now and it just rides good, never a glitch I just crankl it and go......

I know some are not a fan of the "cheap" bikes like my Huffy but I've had zero issues from it, I changed the peddle side chain ring to a 36T instead of the 44T, and chunked the guard, I pulled the axles out of the wheels and cleaned all the factory grease out of the bearings and replaced it with and industrial grease called PEAK which is as good as is made period, and it should be good @ $32.00 per tube......ouch....!

All my bearings are still tight but free and zero signs of wear after 550 miles so I'm not worried about that end of so far, no broke welds or stress cracks in frame which I do look for before most trips out just in case, because I know some have had issue with this on the cranbrooks.

I like my Huffy....and like I said this new BGF engine is working out really nice so far, very smooth and nice power.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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