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Default Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

Interesting post........about 10 years ago, myself and 2 other guys started a local mountain biking club that turned out to be very popular- we have over 300 members and I am fairly well known in the local cycling community.

Having said that and most of my friends know I can't ride a "normal" bike due any more due to severe arthritis in both knees- I am very well accepted by all the local riders.

I've lead several group road rides due to the fact that I punch a big hole in the wind sitting upright on my hybrid and I can go 25 mph for hours on end, so all my friends can draft quite easily behind me.

As far as's kinda weird- most drivers assume that since I'm on a bicycle-they'll be able to easily pass me.....I think some drivers get ticked off when it takes them longer then normal to get around me since I am going 25-30 mph.
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