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Default Re: Kulana Riviera w/66cc BGF kit (my 1st MB build)

Originally Posted by maxsideburn View Post
wait a minute, I have the BGF kit which comes with a "universal mount"...but it doesn't work.

the problem is that the two outermost holes in the little metal plate are still not as far apart as the engine studs are, so you can't use it. unless I'm missing something.....but then again I can't seem to find any detailed instructions on what ANY of the parts are or where they go.

really sucks.
Take a deep breath, man. You can do it. Just think your way through.

First, there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all, so, "universal" parts may not fit, well, anything. Second, you're building a unique customized bike not mass produced in the millions, so you have to figure out some of it yourself.

You can make your own "little metal plate" to suit what you are doing. Get a piece of steel from the hardware store or big box store in the size you need or bigger. Cut to length with a hacksaw and drill holes to suit your motor and clamp. You want to move your motor up a bit, right? So get a wider piece of steel than the universal piece and drill the engine mount holes at the upper end of it. This would leave the clamp where it is but position the motor higher.

Check out my hi-tech illustration! Old plate: [::] New plate: [: :]

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