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Default Re: Are MBs the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i've had a lot of the spandex crowd complimenting me lately. seems even they appreciate a well made bike.

it'd funny you mention expensive bikes. i was talking to a guy recently about building him a bike. he just dropped a coupla grand for a roadbike for one of his sons. his older son wanted a motored bike, and the guy told me that my quote of $1200 was too expensive, and said he could do half of that.

seriously. i don't understand how he can think a custom bike with a motor should cost 1/4 the amount of a mid-range road bike. obviously to him, the road bike is legitimate, while a Motor bike is just a toy.
I've noticed the same mentality. Here in Dallas statis is having a $2000+ bicycle. From that lofty seat you can look down you nose at almost any other bicycle. You're the king of the world, but then out of nowhere comes this low class slob racing by you like you're standing still on a one speed beach cruiser lol.

Just call me Jethro.
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