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Default Re: Cuban Teenager now in USA

i didn't know that so many people like our contraptions! if i would have known that, i would have brought more than 2 up to the USA I'll be sure to post some pics when i buy a camera next month,that is if i still have it the cops here are not happy about getting passed by at 50 mph by a kid in a 45 zone they pulled me over yesterday night around 2 AM and asked me what was that thing i was riding on and why i was able to pass them at such high speed and i told them "echo en cuba es lo mas rapido que puede aser" (build it in cuba and it'll be fast as can be and still only cost you 10 bucks to build (i put about 9 bucks into mine) but it dosen't look like i will be riding that for a while. does anyone know what kind of frame mount kit would be good for a mens beach cruiser ?
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