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Default Re: Stolen Bikes

One of the things the Ohio BMV has been hastling me about is the fact I purchased my bike at a neighbors yard sale for $5 bucks. I spent about $60 dollars more on it fixing it up. But they want a sales receipt all official like from a store. The next hastle is the motor kit I purchased at a bike shop in the late 90's I had sitting around for ever as the internet developed to where I could find info I needed on it. Well, when I purchased it the bike store owner made me a cash as is deal. Again....he didn't want to issue a receipt either.

So, I'm left to go find someone who can make me some receipts that will pass for ligitimate. Like from a power equipment store and a bicycle shop.

It will be interesting to see what they pull next. (after I provide the papers they say I have to have) The woman said they don't want to license something that "could" have been stolen at one point. I think purchasing a bicycle at a Police Auction where it is "recertified" by the Police may be a good bet.

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