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Default Re: The Violator is born!

Update for anyone who is interested. First, the headlight is actually much brighter and casts a wider beam than a 6v flashlight. Test rode it again today, and the engine chain came off. Took it back to my garage, re-centered the rear wheel, and the chain stayed on. Think the chain was a little loose due to being centered slightly more to the right. Also, I got to thinking from the first time I rode it that maybe it didn't run smoothly because I didn't choke the engine. It is brand new, and sometimes these engines don't warm up too quick if you don't choke them. So I put the idle screw back to where I had it originally, and made sure to choke it this time. She fired up right away, didn't run 100% smooth, but moving the throttle up and down a few times took care of that. She does 30 smoothly, throttle response is the best I have ever experienced, and she climbed an incline with no loss in power. Mind you, I said incline and not hill. But this was only the 3rd time she was started. So far, I would definitely say I got a Wednesday model. Very happy so far!
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