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Default Re: New Here... With a How-to

Originally Posted by HackMATTr View Post
Saying hi from Los Angeles, Ca. I have been lurking on this site since last month when I put together a engine kit from raw motors on a Schwinn Jaguar Frame and barely joined today. I was directed to this site when I went searching for information on how to make a custom gas tank. The stock one that came with the kit was dented, poorly painted, and had rust inside. It also didn't look good when installed on the bike, so I decided to make my own.

Many of the threads I saw had people asking how to make a tank so I figured I would make an instructable at Custom Gas Tank on a Motorized Bicycle so that people could look at how I made it. The Main thing is to NOT USE GREEN FOAM as the form.

Heres a picture of my bike with the custom tank that I finished today. I will be adding many upgrades (Shifter Kit, Carb, Air Filter, Custom Exhaust) in the near future and this bike is my first, but it won't be my last.
Great job on the tank! I gotta read your tutorial.
How much does the tank hold?

I like the Jaguars and I am using one for my 4 stroke shifter build.
Still haven't decided what to do for a gas tank.

Are you coming to the race at Willow Springs?
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