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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I have a couple tips, I think. One which is obvious, any time you make an adjustment that affects the mechanical operation of the engine or bicycle in ANY way, no matter how small, ALWAYS test ride before hitting the road. It will save you from getting stuck somewhere you can't easily get home from. As far as the pin on the throttle goes, I have drilled 2 pairs of handlebars for it, and both times the pin broke. The first time I hammered a nail through the plastic. I don't recommend that, as you can crack the whole thing and render it useless. That didn't happen to me, but still. The second time I cut a strip of rubber of a chewed up tire and slid it between the throttle and the handlebar. It holds good and solid. Never had it slide on me once. if your clutch spring wears out, you can replace it with either a motorcycle clutch spring or a spring from harbor freight. I have used both, and they work equally well. The stock clutch cable may break, I buy replacements at my local bike shop. If you build a motorized beach cruiser, add a rear handbrake. Loctite and jam-nut all engine mounting bolts. I also used loctite superglue on my sprocket mounting bolts. Trust me, it works.
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