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Default Re: my conclusions on motor biking and friction drive .

Originally Posted by moonshiner View Post
my conclusions on motor biking and friction drive.....

i really like my Subaru 35 cc and friction drive , it is great transportation around town to run to the store and fill up my baskets or just to get a little exercise when i am not really feeling up to riding my pedal only tour bike , the 35 cc 4 stroke is quiet and smooth , but it is at a bit of a disadvantage on the killer hills or shall i say mountains where i live , of course i am no tiny thing myself at 240 lbs , in most places it would not have any problem at all , i live in east TN and its just one hill after another , don't get me wrong it is a great help and i am traveling farther and as fast or faster than i did in my prime on a race bike , there has only been a couple of hills it would not climb and i had to pedal me and it both up the hill , i have 100 miles on the clock now and i don't regret buying it , here are my observations ...

if you are going 4 stroke friction drive and have mountains to climb , go with at least 49cc and a 7/8's or a 1 inch drive roller no more than one inch,
7/8's is probably the best choice with a top speed around 20 mph on
700c wheels , maximize lightness and rolling efficiency ..

my next bike i think will be electric and i will charge it off of solar panels , i am still testing the waters in motorized bicycle riding, i was going to use a LEHR 25 cc propane 4 stroke on the next one , but i don't think it would have the hill climbing power i need where i live , and it appears LEHR is now defunct as well , maybe a Honda 49cc or a HS 49cc converted to propane might fill the bill with a more efficient belt, gearbox or chain drive ....

oh lets not forget i am a Elitist now LOL.. i have the only motorized bicycle in town and i think maybe the county , i am met with great curiosity when i do a "fiddy" cent fill'er up , or buzz by the cops on a traffic stop at a blazing 20 mph ,rubber neck city buddy
the most common reply is " a motor on a bicycle , i have never seen a motor on a bicycle" then the next question, where do i get it and how much dose it cost..

well that's all for now folks
live hard ride hard
That was a great and fun read Keith. TY!
I know what you mean about being the only motorized bicycle around. I secretly hope they don't catch on, up my way.

We had a group ride yesterday. Passing a neighbor, I waved and smiled. Could see on her face; "Oh, thats nice. The crazy guy on the bicycle with a motor has friends"
Snork! Really was funny.

I been wondering and asking for yrs, a boat trailer roller as a roller? I have yet to try a FD but am thinking as it is rubber or a palmier and would have more contact, wouldn't it make a great roller? Dunno, gonna have to try it
worst apocalypse ever
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