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Default Re: cruiser's bike stolen

Originally Posted by Walter F. View Post
Alright guys and gals our leader is without a ride, on a small island more or less alone as far as far as fellow motorbikers, & he's down in the dumps about a stolen bike.

Like the new Eagles song "Do Something"- I propose we start a drive to get Cruiser a new ride, not out of charity but out of appreciation. Now almost all of you have spare parts laying around they could donate and those of us that do not can chip in a little, I'll start it off by pledging $20.00. Now we need a sub-leader to handle the cash, and an expert sub-leader to do the build,Norman.

I had the idea, you young guys & gals run with it. Happy Trails to All Walter F.
I've got some personal problems I am going through right now but for Cruiser, I will be more then happy to help out any way I can....I'm on board.
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