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Default Re: Brand new engine has hole in cylinder near stud. :(

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
There is another forum or two pertaining to motorbicycling. One can be very hostile/rude to folks for reasons unknown, especially those not in the "clique". At one point I believe they were on a psuedo crusade against any vendor not selling "EPA approved" engines/kits. That was due to one particular member who overly endorses his brand of engine kit, much to the dismay and disinformation of many.

Long story short, you aren't missing anything unless you thrive on drama queen type stuff and motorbicycling is secondary.
I'm a member of 2 forums. I like this one. This forum doesn't make me feel like carp for riding a bike with a weedwacker on it. the members of the other forum tend to belittle/make fun of a lot of things. I like 4 strokes and I love my weedwackers... I used to read over there and post a lot, but wondered why afterward I felt bad after..

I still read over there but I've come to learn that there is a lot of flaming and no good useless posts by a few militant people.

A2Zonline deals started a thread as RAW and they flamed him to death.

Anyway. there's a lot of good onfo here and there, but there you have to take it with a dose of drama.
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