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Default Re: Tips for the newer members

Originally Posted by matthurd View Post
the problem with the search feature as a new member is you don't know what to look for/where to start. its harder to search if you don't know all the proper terminology, and how others described it/what it was called in that situation.

when i was new here there were a few threads i made that had already answered questions in them, it wasn't that i didn't search, it was that i got no results when i did search, because i didn't search for quite the right words.
The search feature isn't that hard to figure out. 'Chain tensioner' 'Spark Plug', 'Mount' how hard is that? Anyone can use a keyword and that's usually all it takes to give them pages and pages to read on the subject.

As most of you know I've been here for a few years and I can't count the threads I've seen started with, 'Chain Tensioner' by a newbie.
Before I joined the forum I spent hours reading what had previously been written about the most common subjects.
We are always willing to help with specific problems but, honestly, how many times can you willingly explain the wiring for Chinese 2 stroke engine before you just want to say,
"Research, before you ask"?

I'm always ready to help out a newbie and go out of my way to explain the basics but after explaining some of the simpliest inquiries time and time again, it can get old. Especially when the answers are readily available to those who will take the time to look for them. A few of the older members have given up and quit posting help/answers for that reason. They simply get tired of repeating themselves.
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