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Default Re: Motorized Bikes are AWESOME! Why do people do this????

I've only had one retard on the bike/walkpath on the beach here. He was **** bent on stopping me, held his arm out at me! just to tell me that I wasn't a bicycle and that I can't ride on it. What a ******bag! I just excused myself and he said something about calling the cops. The cops here don't do anything to me , but smile. Takes them a minute to see the little motor down there. I get nothing but smiles and looks. So far no incidents on the road, but I have lights all the way around and I use hand signals, wear a helmet, and play it cool. If I see somebody on a bikeway, I slow to about 12MPH and give plenty of room just to be safe. So far, this has been the most fun I've ever gotten out of $150!
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