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Default Re: my conclusions on motor biking and friction drive .

Originally Posted by gobigkahuna View Post
You sure that BMP will be re-opening in June? I sent them an email and it bounced back as undeliverable and I read in another thread that they were gonzo. Unless you know for absolute sure that they will be reopening, then I'm inclined to think they aren't. At any rate, I'm ready to go right now, not sure I want to wait another 2+ weeks. I like the Stanton FD but I like the DAX 2 cycle motor better and the DAX package price is considerably lower than Stanton's. I'd like to keep the weight and size of the motor + FD as light and small as possible, and I think the DAX motor fits the bill. BTW, I plan on adding a surfboard carrier so I can use my m-bike to take my toys to the beach (3 to 8 miles each way depending on which which break has better waves).

PS - Here's my build thread:

Please see this BMP webpage about 1/3 rd the way down:

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