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Default Re: Tips for the newer members

try to use as proper grammar/spelling as best you can(mostly just avoid a giant string of errors, a few small things is no big deal), when things are all jumbled and eccentric seeming you come off as uneducated, when you seem uneducated explaining things to you seems like a futile effort, because it seems you wont be able to understand/comprehend it anyways so what's the point?

i realize english is not everyones first language, so this certainly may be harder for some people, but put forth some effort at least and think about what you just wrote before posting to make sure it checks out.

maybe this is just a pet peeve for me, but when i see posts that are all jumbled i don't bother answering because when i do i tend to explain things repeatedly to the same person, which is just not pleasant.

just my 2 cents for new posters.
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