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Default Re: my conclusions on motor biking and friction drive .

Originally Posted by gobigkahuna View Post
@worksmanFL - We have the same terrain and bridges up here so it's good to hear it's working out for you. What size roller are you using? I weigh about 55 lbs more than you and I was thinking about a 1" roller would do. Any suggestions?

I'm pretty stoked to get the show on the road, so to speak. Just need to order motor + FD at this point. I wish BMP were still in business, that looked like the better FD. Stanton and DAX have their good qualities as well so I'm sure they'll work equally well.

I'm using the 1.25" roller.

If you are sure you are not going to change your drives around, i'd just cut to the chase and get the Staton FD complete kit. His "standard" workhorse is the one with the Subaru EHO35 engine.

If you think you'd like to switch your drives one day, go with the BMP kit with the chain and belt drive accessories added on. (Thats what I did btw.) I have the chinese Grubee 4GT 49cc 4 stroke honda clone engine. No problems so far.

BMP will re-open next month btw!!! (as per the site)

I dont know why, but given the chance to do it all over again, I probably would have went with the Suburu EHO35 engine. (I guess its based on what i've read, although the grubee 4gt also has rave reviews as well.)

Good Luck with your decision, and please share your build with the forum.

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